About osConcert Reserved Seating

No more seating charts on the wall and felt tip pens, management of visual seat reservation is easy with osConcert. No more double booked seats and a much easier way to manage pricing by color banding that the user can set by category or row. Customers also enjoy the freedom to select seats visually in relation to the stage. We build an accurate representation of your venue and make it clickable no matter how complex. We have made visual seat plans for organisers using theatres like Hammersmith Apollo, London Palladium, Shepherds Bush, Brixton Academy, Theatre Royal, Conservatoire Royal de Musique (Brussels), Trump Taj Mahal (Atlantic City) TILLES Center and even the world famous Dvořák Hall in Prague. We’ve made seat plans for organisers of churches and cinemas, scout shows and rock operas…there’s so many possibilities for osConcert Seat Reservation. With the full support of osConcert, users can own this software and take full control of ticket sales. It’s not that difficult and it can be life blood of organisations already so close to ‘going to the wall’. Non profit organisations are welcome and a discount can be arranged. See another example of a 2000+ seat plan at the world famous Tilles Center for Performing Arts CLICK HERE

How it works

You give us your layout in any format and we get to work to nicely integrate into the osConcert software.

WE CREATE AND INTEGRATE SEAT PLANS WITH OUR TOOLS: There is no function in the administration for a user to do this….in return we give you the software and free support.

We LOAD the system with however many seatplans you’ll need, for example if you expect to run six shows from Monday to Saturday, you’ll need at least six LOADED seat plans. Bear in mind that each loaded seat plan can be RESET after the show is finished. Yes, we can use the seat plans over and over. Prices of the color bands can be set anytime by the Administrator, while for a complex set up a a date commence and date expiry time can be configured. Our seat selection technology prevents duplicate orders while locking seats during a customers checkout for a set amount of time.

Another great advantage of osConcert is the ability of creating General Admission tickets in combination with the Reserved Seating and if there’s a decision to end Reserved Seating then the user can quickly set the remaining seats for General Sale if need be. Wheelchair seating can also be represented …naturally ….and in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. With our Box Office Method we can assign special Box Office Users that can reserve seats on behalf of any customers anywhere there is an internet connection (or without …using a ‘localhost’ machine!) Box Office users can select seats and directly print eTickets in seconds with the new ‘Box Office Direct Print‘ feature. All nominated Box Office Staff Sales can be monitored in a downloadable report…..great for oganising a team of agents outside of the venue. All this freedom, features and functionality for a very affordable one time payment with FREE support for all time.


Seat plan integration can be very complex so my price guideline is based on that complexity but we can say for a seating plan of up to 150 seats will only be a one time payment of about $135 USD. Whereas a larger theater of 2000 seats may well be only $275. Just contact me and I will quote you precisely when I have a better idea of the task involved. QUOTE ME

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