Overview of osConcert

 What is osConcert?


OK. Let’s write this so it is easy to understand.

Presuming you (or your client) has a website and web space. osConcert is a ‘standalone’ installable software that will securely sit next to any WordPress, Joomla or any other ‘php‘ application in our Web Hosting Account – be it shared or VPS etc.

It is an ‘adapted’ php e-commerce shopping cart and concert tickets (for example) can be purchased by YOUR customers.

 Why use osConcert?



Supposing you own (or hire) a THEATER (or Auditorium, or somewhere similar) where you will be advertising some kind of a SHOW (a concert, a screening, …some kind of performance) that requires you to sell tickets for seats.

With osConcert YOU the manager will be able to manage ‘RESERVED SEATING‘ sales or sell ‘GENERAL ADMIISSION‘ tickets from your website.

You can control the whole process of selling tickets safely and without paying anyone else.

 Who uses osConcert?




In ‘Theatre’ – Across the globe all kinds of ‘Theatre and Drama Society’s already enjoy controlling their own theatre ticket sales. Long time ‘users’ include Magenta Theatre Company in Vancouver, Don Bluth Front Row Theatre in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA and Buntingford Dramatic Society in the UK. To mention only a few.

In ‘Schools’ – Highly acclaimed establishments like Jackson Prepaartory School, Jackson Mississippi, USA, Cempaka International Schools in Malaysia and Central Coast Grammar School in New South Wales, Australia.

Non-Profit Organisations like Tzu Chi Foundation, l’Ensemble vocal CARPE CANTOREM, Brussels, Belgium and Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization, Southern California, USA.

In ‘Music’ – Classical Music Concerts with the Orpheus Foundation in London, UK, the Akademisches Orchester Berlin, Germany.

Other users include Coach Seat Reservations by the famous Sleafordian Holidays in the UK.

There’s many many more.

See more snapshots of users and their osConcert websites here

 How much is osConcert?



I’ve always kept osConcert very affordable and it’s been a life saver for many organisations threatened by increasing high costs.

If a user only needs to create their own ‘General Admission’ events it’s only $135 USD, that’s also for help to set up and my continued free support.

If we need to map a small theater for a ‘Reserved Seating‘ project, then it’s still only $135 but if the theater plan exceeds 150 seats the cost to build and integrate will rise accordingly. For example a 1000 seat plan integration and full software delivery (and installation if required) will usually be only $240.

It’s a “One Time Payment” – There are no other payments, annual charges or hidden costs unless the user requires custom coding or payment gateway integration (usually only $50+)


 What do I need to start?


You only need to have a reasonably good Web Hosting that supports ‘php’ with a MySQL Database. Send us your theatre seat plan as an image or any other format and we can begin the integration. Projects can be completed from 3 to 10 days.

If you require Web Hosting and Installation Support, I can also provide.

What if I need support?



We have a support site, PDF tutorials, Video and a 100+ page User Manual.
Best of all I will provide free online support from the word ‘GO’ forever! including help with future upgrades.

Most of my users’ will vouch for that. Ask me for references.

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