osConcert is an adapted php shopping cart application that YOU install at your web hosting.

osConcert for Reserved Seating. We integrate your seat plan layouts and make the seats clickable, and like all shopping carts your customers can select seats into their basket and ultimately make online seat reservations for your events. osConcert for General Admission At it’s default a user can create unlimited events to sell tickets where there is no need for Reserved Seating. Therefore osConcert is good for Reserved Seating events, General Admission events or a combination of both.

Anyone can get started with just a one time payment. Tell me about your layout and I’ll quote a price for total seat plan integration, if you are not ready for Reserved Seating just yet the cost will go towards you next seat plan integration, in the meantime you can start selling eTickets for your General Admission events at the same time get a feel for the software in preparation for the time you’ll need it for a visual reserved seating event.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve listened to event managers and ticket sellers to provide the only php shopping cart that is focused entirely on concert ticketing and space reservation for theaters, auditoriums, exhibitions, buses, LAN events, and anywhere where seats and spaces need to be reserved.

The great benefits of this system:

  • Online visual seat reservation – no more charts on the wall.
  • Take control of your ticket selling – you own and manage the software.
  • Create and sell your own barcoded PDF eTickets easily.
  • FREE support at all times including help with upgrading.

Contact us to get a quote

Contact Us or Purchase and Download to get the default version (osConcert v8 General Admission) UPGRADE later when you are ready for Reserved Seating Purchase & Download
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