General Admission starter version (osConcert v7)

Ideal for General Ticketing Sales (get seat plan integration later)
If you’re only looking to sell eTickets (or hard tickets) for General Admission events then osConcert maybe ideal.

A user can create unlimited events as a quantity of tickets. When the quantity reaches zero the event will show sold out.

There are a few variations of set ups based around categories, sub categories products. You can see a full working demonstration here

Our General Admission default version has all the same features as our Reserved Seating version (osConcert v7 SEPT 2014) and can be ready to go right out of the box. If you decide you’ll need to cater for a Reserved Seating event in the future no problem contact us and we can arrange a seat plan integration for you. The cost of the download ($135/ €100 / £80) will always be a deposit ready for your first seat plan integration.

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