Affordable Online Seat Booking Software

We specialize in creating and integrating your visual theatre seat plans into an affordable and easily manageable online software that YOU host at your web hosting.

  • Easily Manage ‘Reserved Seating‘ Events
  • Create ‘Unlimited’ General Admission Events
  • Allow eTicketing and Barcode Scanning
  • Easy Content Management
  • Start Selling with Paypal/Paypal Credit Cards

Take control of your TICKET SELLING

  • Install in minutes (L.A.M.P.)
  • FREE support at all times
  • osConcert is an adapted PHP shopping cartYOU OWN IT!
  • Developers have access to all the code. It’s based on a popular open source php.
  • One Time Payment – Ready in Days
  • Easy to set up and manage and with a 92 page user manual.
  • Available with German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Czech, Dutch and Romanian Language Packs ++++

osConcert DEMOGet Started

osConcert eTickets

Create your own PDF eTicket
128 Barcode or QR code for scanning.
Set as double sided or no bar code at all.
Upload an image for each event.

Turn your mobile devices into enterprise-grade Barcode Scanners and activate your account.codereadr
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osConcert Reserved Seating


Reserved Seating and General Admission combined to make a wonderful Visual Seat Reservation Management Software or a complete online ticketing software for your theatre, cinema, exhibition, college auditorium or school dance performance.

osConcert Calendar


Provide a ‘Visual Reservation Calendar‘ for property rental or or anything you have to hire by day and night. How about your Office Desk?…or your Bicycle?!

osConcert Price-Zone


We make seat maps clickable for General Admission zoning.
Clickable Stalls, Mezzanine, Circle and Balcony, in fact most Zone Maps can be set up by osConcert.

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