Affordable Online Seat Booking Software

We specialize in creating and integrating your visual seating plans into an affordable and easy to manage online software that YOU can host securely at your web hosting.

  • Easily Manage ‘Reserved Seating‘ Events
  • Create ‘Unlimited’ General Admission Events
  • For Theaters, Cinemas, Auditoriums,Schools, Colleges, Drama Groups, and Conference Centers
  • Ideal for Rental Space, Yoga Mats, Exhibition Booths, Coaches, Caravan Sites, Beach Umbrellas and many more
  • Allow PDF eTicketing and Barcode Scanning
  • Easy Content Management
  • Start Selling with Paypal/Paypal Credit Cards
  • Complimentary STRIPE Credit Card Payment Integration (requires SSL)
  • Many more Payment Gateways available

Take control of your TICKET SELLING

  • Install in minutes (L.A.M.P. and Windows Servers with MySQL Database)
  • FREE fast support at all times
  • osConcert is an adapted PHP shopping cartYOU OWN IT!
  • Developers have access to all the code. It’s based on a popular open source php.
  • One Time Payment – Ready in Days. NO HIDDEN COSTS!…NO ANNUAL COSTS!
  • Easy to set up and manage and with the help of our acclaimed support and our 100 page user manual.
  • Available with German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Czech, Thai, Dutch, Bulgarian and Romanian Language Packs ++++

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osConcert eTickets
Create your own PDF eTicket with 128 Barcode or QR code for scanning. Set as double sided or no bar code at all. Upload an image for each event. OPTIONAL: Turn your mobile devices into enterprise-grade Barcode Scanners and activate your account.codereadr Read More
osConcert Reserved Seating


Reserved Seating and General Admission combined to make a wonderful Visual Seat Reservation Management Software or a complete online ticketing software for your theatre, cinema, exhibition, college auditorium or school dance performance.
Session Management


Manage hourly ‘sessions’ of rental space. For example Yoga Classes. Yoga Mats can be reserved online by your students, while the session times will drop off an hour before the class starts. This version is ideal also for small cinema’s and other daily session projects.
Clickable Sector Maps


We make (responsive) image maps clickable for Reserved Seating and General Admission zoning. Clickable Stalls, Mezzanine, Circle and Balcony, in fact most Zone Maps can be set up by osConcert. VIEW DEMO
osConcert Visual Mapping Reservation


We can visually map territories like Camp Sites, Chalet Parks, Caravan Parks and Festivals if required. Making reservations for all kind of spaces visually is also a benefit of the osConcert Reservation System.  
osConcert Cinema


There are 4 styles of osConcert Cinema Booking Software #1 Just like our Yoga Mat DEMO …we can have simple DAYS and SESSION TIMES for a Reserved Seating cinema seat plan. #2 Cinema style DEMO for multiple MOVIES with DAYS and SESSION TIMES #3 Cinema Booking for Reserved Seating with sub-categories of DAYS and SESSION TIMES for Reserved Seating Seat Plans #4 General Admission Cinema Ticket Booking with DAYS and SESSION TIMES that will drop off at expiry
Cabaret Tables


Cabaret Table Reservations and all ways to help reserve seats and tables for dinner functions. 6, 8, 10 or more seats, long or round.

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